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Rev. Dr. C. T. Kirkland, Pastor

Church History of the
Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church


Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1926 in a small house on Chestnut Street by the late Rev. Aaron Burney, his wife, Frances, and children. The Church was named by the late Sis. Frances Burney.  One of their sons, Bro. Herbert Burney is currently a member of Mt. Pleasant.

Rev. Burney resigned in 1936, and Rev. G. W. Mitchell was called to pastor in 1937.  At the time he was pastor of three churches, Grace Mary, Robles Pond and a church in Dover, FL.  He later resigned from the churches and gave full time to Mt. Pleasant.  Within three years, under the leadership of Rev. Mitchell, the building was enlarged and all debts were paid off.

The church became too small and moved to a larger location in Lincoln Park on the riverside.  Many were converted, baptized, and added to the church.  Deacons were ordained and put on the Board.  The late James Sampson served as church clerk, later Sis. Mamie Smart served in that capacity and was preceded by  Sis. Lillie James, who served faithfully until her passing in 1959.


February 1955 We marched from the old church on Spruce Street to the new church on Laurel Street.
  1959 Sis. Ernestine Rogers became Financial Secretary and Sis. M. S. Jackson, Church Clerk.
May 1962 The church was demolished because of the Expressway and worship services were then held at the Pallbearers Temple on Main Street.
July 1962 Payment of $14,500 was paid for the lots on Spruce and Rome.
March 1963 The keys were presented to the present church.  Dea. L. L. Virgil led a group of members in the building of the church's dining area.
April 1963 The building was dedicated in time to entertain the District Sunday School and B. T. U. Convention.
September 1967 The cornerstone was laid by the Lily White S. B. A.
June - August 1973 The air conditioning and heating systems were completed.
October 1976 The 50th Anniversary of the Church was observed and $12,505.53 was raised to pay off the mortgage of the church. 
February 1977 The church mortgage was burned.
December 1977 Sis. M. S. Jackson resigned and Sis. Betty J. Newton, who was Corresponding Secretary, was elected Church Clerk in January 1978. 
  1978 The church was receiled and new lighting fixtures were installed.
  1979 - 1980 Improvements were made.
Pews were cushioned, carpeting installed, pulpit was widen, and installation of railings at the entrance of the church.
  1980 Children's Choir was organized.  Choir #1 presented Bibles and Hymnals to the church.  Nurses' Guild was organized.
May 1981 Eight members graduated from the Baptist Fellowship Center
Sis. Louisa Bigham, Sis. Louise Burton, Dea. Louis Burton, Sis. Easter M. Gatlin, Sis. Ernestine Rogers, Sis. Leota Taylor, Sis. Luella McAdoo, and Sis. Delores Williams.
April 1982 The forty-five year pastorate for the Rev. G.  W. Mitchell came to an end, and on July 30, 1982, the Rev. Owen Henry was elected to serve as Interim Pastor.
May 1983 Five members graduated from the Baptist Fellowship Center:
Sis. Jo L. Norton, Sis. Carolyn Hall, Sis. Berteal Johnson, Sis. Doretha Scott, and Sis. Betty Newton.
October 1983 Rev. C. T. Kirkland accepted the pastorship of Mt. Pleasant M. B. Church and on November 13, 1983, Rev. Kirkland was installed as pastor.
December 1983 Plans were formulated to pave the north side of the church, the paving was completed in September 1984.

On October 30, 1983, Sis. Ernestine Rogers, resigned, after 25 years of faithful service as Financial Secretary and Sis. Bernice Nelson was elected to serve as Financial Secretary on December 2, 1983.

October 1984 In order for our children to be taught on their level, Pastor Kirkland organized the Children's Church.  Under the direction of Bro. James Franklin, several members of the Children's Church have been baptized. 
November 1984 Sis. Bridgett George was elected to serve as Church Secretary.

A fifteen passenger van was purchased.

February 1985 Sis. Anna Taylor was elected Assistant Church Clerk.
September 1985 Youth for Christ was organized.
November 1985 New Public address System installed.
March 1986 Plans were formulated to build educational facilities.
July 1986 Junior Women Society was organized.

Senior Mission #2 was organized.

October 1986 Sis. Carolyn Collins was elected to serve as Assistant Church Clerk.
November 1987 Construction began on Educational Facility.
April 1987 Educational Facility and Pastor's new office were completed.
August - September 1988 Choir stand is enlarged, new carpet installed and other repairs were completed.
February 1989 Plans were formulated to complete the balcony and expansion of the Finance Office, along with the paving of the south parking area.
November 1989 Sis. Erica Cage was elected to serve as Church Secretary.
August 1990 New Photocopier purchased, Finance Office expanded, Balcony completed, and Southside parking area completed.
October 1990 Front Lounge re-decorated.
November 1990 Sis. Claudette McAdoo was elected as Church Secretary
July 1991 Computer purchased.
December 1992 Roof renovation for the church
February 1993 Plans and a binder was initiated to purchase several parcels of land around the church.
1994 Acquired the property adjacent to the Church. A parking lot was built and paved to better facilitate parking.
1995 Renovations to inside of Church Facility. New public address system installed.
  Licensed Minister Jay Jackson.
1996 Closed purchased on eight (8) lots on the south corner of Spruce Street and Rome Avenue.

Demolished the existing building and cleared the land, for parking.

  New pulpit furniture was purchased and installed.
  Licensed Minister Eddie Gilbert and Minister Eddie Reid.
  Received Project LINK, In. Certificate of Recognition – community Organization of the Year Award.
  Purchased new church pews (Installed May 1997)
  Extension of Faith Christian Bible College established within the Mt. Pleasant Church.
1997 Licensed Minister Claude Hall, Minister Larrie Lepard and Minister Lewis Shephard.
  1st – Associated Degree, Graduation Class for Faith Christian Bible College. 6 to Graduate.
  Renovation begin on the Spruce Street Fellowship Hall
  Dedication of Pews.
1998 2nd – Graduation Class for Faith Christian Bible College:

1 with a B. A. in Christian Education

4 with a A. A. in Theology

3 with a A. A. in Christian Education

1 Honorary Doctoral Degree in Theology for Dr. C. T. Kirkland.

  Licensed Minister Ricky Roberts
  Licensed Minister Edward Quarterman
December 1998 3rd – Graduation Class for Faith Christian Bible College:

4 with a B. A. in Theology

1 with a A. A. in Christian Education

May 1999 4th – Graduation Class of Faith Christian Bible College:

2 with a A. A. in Christian Education

1 with a A. A. in Theology

  Property at 1901 Spruce was closed at the Southland Title Company. Plans begin formulated to convert this property into the Mount Pleasant Kitchen and Thrift for the Homeless.
June 1999 The renovation of the Community Center building was completed and named the Aaron Burney/G.W. Mitchell Fellowship Center. A Dedication and Cornerstone Laying service and Feast was held on June 20, 1999.
July 1999 Mt Pleasant hosted te Twenty-Sixth Annual Session of the Progressive Missionary and Educational Baptist Convention of Florida, Inc.
December 1999 5th Graduation Class of Faith Christian Bible College:

1 with a Masters in Christian Education

1 with a A. A. in Christian Education

March 2000 On March 7, 2000, the Mt. Pleasant family under the leadership of our Pastor Dr. C. T. Kirkland, participated along with tens of thousands of others in the One Florida March and Rally in Tallahassee, Florida. The Church provided two buses for members and friends to travel in order to protest and show solidarity with the NAACP and other civil rights organizations against the Governor’s planned abolishment of the State’s Affirmative Action Plan.
May 2000 6th Graduation Class of Faith Christian Bible College:

4 with a B. A. Degree in Theology

3 with a B. A. Degree in Christian Education

1 with a A. A. Degree in Christian Education

April 2001 The Faith Christian Bible College was renamed to The Florida Beacon Bible College. Under its new name Graduated students as follows: (7th Graduation Class)

5 with a Masters Degree in Theology

1 with a B. A. Degree in Theology

5 with a B. A. Degree in Religious Education

1 with a A. A. Degree in Theology

1 with a A. A. Degree in Religious Education

June 2001 1 Educational College Tour for Middle and High School Children, traveling to Edward Waters College and Savannah State University.
October 2001 2 Duplex apartments purchased at 1717 and 1723 Spruce Street.
November 2001 Mt Pleasant established and approved to be a 501©(3) and began organizational plans for the Mt. Pleasant Charter School.
December 2001 8th Graduation Class for The Florida Beacon Bible College:

1 with a Masters Degree in Theology

January 2002 9th Graduation Class for the Florida Beacon Bible College:

1 with a Masters Degree in Theology

  The Church Hires its 1st Full-time Secretary
  Tape Ministry officially organized under the direction of Minister Eddie Gilbert.
  Organized Evangelism Ministry under the directions of Elder Jay Jackson.
December 2002 Hosted Mid-Winter Board Session of the Progressive M&E State Convention of Florida, In.
  Held dedication services for the Mt. Pleasant Kitchen and Clothes Closet located at 1901 Spruce Street
January 2003 Organized Drug Outreach Ministry under the direction of Minister Eddie Reid.
April 2003 The Doors of the Mt. Pleasant Kitchen and Clothes Closet of Mercy opened.

The apartments located at 1717 and 1723 Spruce Street began renovation for the Mt. Pleasant Standard Bases Middle School.

May 2003 The selection of the Mt. Pleasant Standard Bases Middle School’s Principal completed – Dr. Geo Fox.


Under the leadership of God, Rev. Kirkland has led Mt. Pleasant to higher heights.  Members who were a part of our weekly Bible Study and the Institutes conducted during the year have received a broader knowledge of what it means to be a Christian.

It is our prayer that God will continue to use Pastor Kirkland and the Mt. Pleasant Family.

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